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28 de gener del 2005
IBM doubles down on software services
IBM is in discussions with its partners to create a prepackaged set of hosted applications, a move that could ultimately create an online analog to traditional packaged applications and spur market adoption of software services.
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"The creation of an IBM-hosted application bundle is one of several initiatives at Big Blue to promote the notion of software as a service, or having applications delivered over the Internet. This model for buying software "on demand" is taking hold after years of missteps and failures, which were due to both technical challenges and faulty business models."
"Analysts said IBM's growing interest in hosted services reflects a belief among software companies that spending on hosted applications offers brighter growth prospects than traditional software sales."
"Rather than purchase a license and spend months installing software, a hosted offering lets people get started immediately with applications delivered via a Web browser. The purchasing model is different as well, with customers paying a monthly fee for a specified number of users. This is particularly attractive to smaller companies wary of large up-front costs, said analysts. "

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