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31 de gener del 2005
Future of search rides on relevance
Search engine providers are working to catalogue every corner of the Web, but what they really want is to get a better idea of what's going on in your mind.
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"Our future products will be defined not by what we feel users need, but rather by what sort of information they really want to find," said Rahul Lahiri, vice president of search and product management at Ask Jeeves.


"Initiatives focused on the push to create a more personalized search engine are already under way at all of the companies represented here. The experts said that garnering more involvement from people doing searches, and convincing those people to trust the companies with greater amounts of personal data, will be crucial to future search technology.

"The user is expanding the amount of personal data they share with us in the form of their address books, e-mail accounts, or their shopping habits," Horowitz (Yahoo) said. "By gathering this information we already have and studying that behavior, we can see a significant opportunity to apply the existing user relationship into new tools."

And the personalization trend won't apply just to creating new search engines, according to the experts. By allowing people's online habits and preferences to influence advertising, a key source of revenue for search companies, the speakers said everyone involved will benefit.

To many eyes, Google has led the way in tailoring its strategy to meet the needs of both users and advertisers, with the success of its AdWords and AdSense programs.

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