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9 de febrer del 2005
RealNetworks shifts mobile strategy
Facing strengthening rivalry from Microsoft and other competitors, RealNetworks is shifting tactics in its approach to the mobile phone multimedia market.
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RealNetworks is following much the same path that it pursued in the world of PC multimedia, where it blazed a trail as the first commercial audio and video player, but later lost ground to Microsoft and standards-based rivals such as MP3. While still a software company, its content businesses are now driving its growth.

...But as the mobile multimedia market heats up--particularly in Asia and Europe, where fast data networks are becoming the norm--rivals such as Microsoft and media software company PacketVideo are gaining ground inside phones. Late last month, Verizon Wireless announced it would stream videos on its new high-quality Vcast service using Microsoft's video format.

...The company is charging 25 cents per device, no matter which component or bundle of components a handset maker like Nokia uses.

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