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10 de febrer del 2005
Amazon inverteix en una comunitat de blogs, a la recerca dels seus gustos..
Amazon is dipping its toe in the Web log phenomenon with an investment in 43 Things, a new Web site where people write about their goals and accomplishments and are linked to others with similar interests.
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The online retailer has been wading into new territory recently. In a bid to give Google, Yahoo and Microsoft more competition in the Internet search and directory arena, Amazon launched a new search engine last year. Last month it introduced an online Yellow Pages featuring photos of storefronts in 10 U.S. cities.

Web logs, or blogs, have become very popular, and Amazon's investment in 43 Things signals the Web retailer is taking an interest in the trend. Some e-commerce executives predict blogs will fuel traffic to online stores with links to favorite products and recommended shops.


The company offers all of this free of charge to it members, making money from online advertising.
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