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17 de febrer del 2005
Segons un estudi, la clau de la viabilitat de WiMax és la veu per Internet
The wireless broadband standard called WiMax won't be ready for prime time for a couple of years, but when it does come out, Internet phone service could be the cash cow for providers, according to a study.
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WiMax, a technology standard that will provide broadband Internet access over many miles of coverage, is expected to make a big splash when services emerge in 2006 or 2007


"The industry is focused on WiMax from a data standpoint, but the reality of the industry today is that you need to have voice (Internet Phone, VoIP) to be financially viable," said Keith Nissen, an analyst at In-Stat/MDR.

(..) WiMax will bring broadband to rural areas that phone and cable companies do not reach.

WiMax efforts have resulted in a standard, known as 802.16-2004 (..)
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