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25 de febrer del 2005
Les sospites d'espionatge condicionen l'acord IBM-Lenovo
IBM has moved to allay deep-seated security concerns surrounding the proposed $1.25 billion (£650m) sale of its personal computer business to Lenovo, the Chinese company, by offering an extraordinary set of concessions to United States security regulators.
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The offers, designed to prevent any possibility of espionage, were reputedly made yesterday to the US Committee on Foreign Investment, which will have to approve the sale.

It has been claimed that the US Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security are concerned that an IBM facility in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, could be used as a base for Chinese spies. (..)


(..) It is the most significant example of Chinese trophy investment and it will become a test of the American political appetite for Chinese influence.


"Lenovo will cooperate with all relevant government agencies," the Lenovo's president, Yang Yuanqing, said last month.

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