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2 de març del 2005
10 anys de Yahoo
Partint del directori d’adreces interessants, Yahoo ha evolucionat durant aquests 10 anys, cap a la idea de la xarxa de comunicacions personal, on la gent “troba el que li interessa”: el correu, la missatgera instantània, etc. i cada cop més l’entreteniment preferit. Ara experimenta també com expandir els seus continguts més enllà del PC.
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In 1995, a fledgling company called Yahoo hired a bunch of recent college grads to surf the emerging World Wide Web. (..) "We didn't have a revenue model. We didn't even accept advertising."

Ten years old Wednesday, Yahoo still searches the Internet. But (..) It's now a thriving communications network (..)

And Yahoo is going Hollywood.

Next month, Yahoo's re-energized entertainment division (..) reporting to newly hired entertainment guru Lloyd Braun.


Yahoo's stance is a big change from a few years ago. Then, Web sites (..) paid Hollywood (..) to produce original content. Unable to attract enough ad revenue to offset production costs, the sites either went under or stopped funding the shows.

But now the online advertising market has rebounded, and Yahoo thinks sponsors are ready (..)

"We don't view the Internet as another TV station, but more as way to interact with media," says Rosensweig.

Old media meets new

(..) much of Yahoo's development is focused on the convergence of old and new media. (..) exploring ways to get Yahoo content to non-PC devices (..)


Yahoo has been on a tear financially. (..)

Much of Yahoo's profit comes from search advertising division Overture, (..) which is being renamed Yahoo Search Marketing Solutions, competes with Google in the highly competitive pay-per-click advertising market.

Born in a Stanford dorm


The company now has more than 7,600 "Yahoos" — that's how staffers refer to one another — (..)

One team does nothing but watch people surfing the Internet.


"Our core mission is the same as it was back in 1995 — to help you find what you want more easily. (..)
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