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4 de març del 2005
La inconveniència dels anuncis "pop-up"
Els anuncis emergents s’han fet ben impopulars pels internautes. “Segresten” la pantalla sense oferir habitualment cap valor per al lector. Com que és possible evitar-los, en contrast amb els anuncis de la TV, ja sigui amb qualsevol de les eines que hi ha al mercat, com tancant-los abans que es carreguin, l’usuari els acostuma a trobar com un incordi, i poden perjudicar tant a l’anunciant com a l’anunciat. La pregunta és: com és que es continuen utilitzant?.
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Google the term "pop-up blocker" and you'll encounter millions of results (..)

(..) the reason (..) is because pop-ups (and pop-unders) are so unpopular. (..) almost 80 percent of those surveyed had a "very negative" opinion of pop-up ads. They hijack our screens (..)

Nevertheless, a number of well-trafficked online media sites haven't heard the news that pop-ups and pop-unders have become pariahs. (..)

(..) these are the browser equivalent of e-mail spam. But advertisers will tell (..) they work. Since (..) are so cheap, you only need a small fraction of clickthroughs to earn back your investment. (..)

Topix.net, a news service, experimented with pop-under ads for a while. (..) "Visitors were less likely to explore the site upon a first visit if they got hit with (a) pop-under when they arrived. (..)"

The clickthrough rate on some ads was very high -- some topped 20 percent -- but Topix.net discontinued them, (..)

(..) as many as nine out of 10 users who clicked on a popular pop-up ad were really just trying to get rid of them (..)"

(..) half of the pop-up ads were closed before they had a chance to fully materialize (..) Users saw the company's name or logo in only 2 percent of the ads. (..)


(..) Nielsen/NetRatings estimates the number of pop-ups (..) plunged 40 percent last year.

"They (pop-up ads) probably don't offer a return on investment for a client, and it's not a solid value-added for consumers because they are not responding."

If this is the case, then why do the sales staffs of (..) continue to sell them (..)?

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