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16 de març del 2005
MSN contra Google i Yahoo, tercer 'round'
S'espera que Microsoft presenti aquesta setmana un nou servei d'anuncis contextuals a les recerques, rescindint així l'acord que tenia fins ara amb el servei homòleg de l’antic aliat i ara rival, Yahoo. La guerra dels buscadors es fa més crua.
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(..) Yahoo's Overture Services currently supplies MSN with sponsored search links, which complement MSN-sold "featured sites."

(..) the new MSN service, called AdCenter and set to roll out (..) in the coming months, (..)

"Call this the third leg of the search stool," said Sohn. "First, we introduced algorithmic search, then desktop (search), which is still in beta, and now the advertising platform."

With the product, Microsoft will move into the mother lode of a multibillion-dollar ad business dominated by Google and Yahoo. (..)

Google fields 35.1 percent of the searches online, followed by Yahoo at 31.8 percent and MSN at 16 percent, (..)

MSN's product is far from fully baked, according to Sohn, but it could eventually crowd rivals, search engine watchers say. (..) MSN will grab ad dollars away from Yahoo and Google, (..)


Other analysts say the search pie could, in fact, get bigger. They say MSN, Yahoo and others are working hard to expand the universe of online searches by integrating advanced search everywhere they can--desktops, toolbars and wireless phones, for example.


(..) Already this year, the company replaced Yahoo's Inktomi search technology with its own homegrown software. (..)


Key to MSN's strategy is to lure Web searchers away from rivals, and then draw in advertisers. MSN's AdCenter, for example, will offer advertisers detailed information on Web surfers' responses to certain keywords, as well as demographic and psychographic profile data (in aggregate) on potential customers.


  • Avui, 17 de març, en parlen en castellà, a: Microsoft creará un servicio de publicidad 'on line'.
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