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18 de març del 2005
Es recepta tecnologia als pacients crònics
La tecnologia ja s’ha fet servir amb èxit al sector sanitari pel que fa a la diagnosi, i al tractament. Ara, als EUA es realitzen proves pilot per a que ajudi també a millorar la medicina preventiva, sobretot en els casos de malalts crònics. Un senzill aparell portàtil, s’encarrega d’un seguiment constant del pacient i avisa als serveis de l’hospital en cas d’alguna alerta.
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(..) the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, or CMS, which provides health insurance to seniors and the poor, is giving a few technologies a shot at improving (..) record managing patients with chronic conditions.

(..) not adequately covering preventive health services has created a culture of patients waiting until things get really bad before they'll head to the hospital. (..)


CMS has chosen patients with chronic-care needs to participate in pilot projects that will implement technologies ranging from automated phone reminder systems and interactive in-home devices that ask patients questions about their health to hospital technologies for physicians.

CMS is paying (..) to deliver technologies to those patients. But if (..) doesn't see a substantial improvement (..) will ask for an unspecified portion of the fees back.

(..) recent studies showing the failure of some medical technologies suggest that flexibility might be a good thing.

(..) technologies designed to make physicians' jobs easier sometimes didn't, and in some cases the tools actually made the doctors' work more difficult.

"The system should not control the process of doing medicine but respond to how the hospital works," (..)

(..) the technology can sometimes improve a physician's performance, but it wasn't clear whether patients fared any better thanks to the technologies.

Health Hero Network, a company that makes an in-home communication device called Health Buddy, believes its technology will make the cut. The device's simple design is meant to be easy for seniors to understand. The Health Buddy has a large screen that poses questions about patients' daily health: How do you feel today? Did you take your medicine today? Did you weigh yourself today? (..)

(..) transmits the patients' answers through a phone line to the hospital, where a nurse can scan the output. Patients whose answers indicate they might be on the verge of a health problem appear in red, and the nurse can check up on them.

(..) reduced emergency room visits by 40 percent, reduced hospital admissions by 63 percent and significantly reduced days of care (..)

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