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4 d'abril del 2005
L'èxit de gestionar invitacions per Internet
8 milions de persones al mes envien o reben invitacions per Internet a prop d’uns 200.000 esdeveniments. El serveix l’ofereix Evite.org. Un lloc web sorgit el 1999 en ple boom d’Internet, que no només l'ha sobreviscut sinó que s’ha convertit en un fenomen als Estats Units.
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(..) the first clue would've come in December 1999. (..) coincided with (..) internet boom (..) eTour.com, chose Evite to organize one of the biggest publicity gathering events of the season. (..) thousands of e-mailed invitations circulate (..)

(..) ETour is now dust (..) Evite, meanwhile, has flourished. The site that started as a popular tool in Silicon Valley techie circles now manages invitations for more than 200,000 events in a typical month. Given an average guest list of 36 people, that multiplies out to close to 8 million individual invitations monthly.

(..) Today, the invitation site is a unit of IAC/Interactive ($15 billion company), the internet content and e-commerce firm built by media mogul Barry Diller.


The site started out as a meeting-scheduling application for a corporate intranet. But Lieb and Tobaccowala decided it also had potential as a consumer application, given that so many people need to schedule events.


Evite is still largely a U.S. phenomenon and hasn't yet made a big push internationally, said Hilary Hattenbach, the site's director of marketing.


Since Evite is free, it makes its money selling ads and organizing promotions tied to event invitations. Because people who host parties commonly serve alcohol, the site is a popular advertising venue for liquor companies. Other advertisers include sellers of photo services, gifts and baby gear.

As a unit of IAC, Evite doesn't make its financials public. (..) the site, (..) run by a staff of 25 (..)

Evite doesn't face much direct competition from rival invitation sites. (..)

In recent years, however, a handful of new invitation sites have entered the market (..)

(..) RsvpHQ.com (..) figured (..) wedding planners might (..) create invitations online from a set of templates and track guests' responses. (..) The site does not sell advertising and charges fees ranging from $6 to $60 to hosts who invite more than 10 guests.

(..) gets about 40,000 hits in a typical month.

Sendomatic, (..) is one of Evite's more durable rivals. (..) charging for its invitation service, which contains no ads, (..) $13 for events with up to 100 guests, with a sliding-scale rate for larger parties. (..)

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