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5 d'abril del 2005
La cursa per la recuperació del sector tecnològic perd empenta
Després de tres anys, l’espectacular recuperació de la indústria de les tecnologies de la informació podria estar acabant el cicle. Va créixer molt ràpidament després de la patacada del 2001, i alguns mercats ho van arribar a fer al 20% anual, ara però s’està moderant. Ara bé, això no té perquè ser dolent, segons els analistes ara serà un millor moment per realitzar moviments estratègics a llarg termini.
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"The growth part of the recovery is behind us, and we're in a sustaining pattern right now," (..) Among the signs:

PCs. IDC recently lowered its worldwide PC sales growth forecast for this year to 9.7%. That would be a big drop from 14.7% in 2004.

Cell phones. Sales are expected to grow 7% this year, down from 27% in 2004 and 23% in 2003, (..) the end of a boomlet created in 2003, when consumers could finally keep their phone numbers when changing carriers.

Semiconductors. Chip sales are expected to grow just 1% this year, compared with 5% last year, (..) But falling prices will cause revenue to decline 4%, (..)

(..) The tech-heavy Nasdaq stock exchange has fallen 9% this year. (..)

(..) It's normal for tech, driven by fluctuations in supply and demand, to go through a boom or bust cycle every two to five years. (..)


(..) Some parts of tech — particularly, component-makers — are still reporting strong growth. (..)

But a slowdown will come — and that's not bad, tech analysts say. (..) Now they can step back, plan and make long-term deals. In the past few weeks, Microsoft has signed strategic deals with Nokia and others. Motorola has trumpeted a partnership with Apple. And BlackBerry maker Research in Motion settled a long-pending lawsuit.

"Slower growth is more manageable," Strother says. "It's less frenzied. It can be beneficial."
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