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7 d'abril del 2005
Els sistemes de seguretat biomètrics i els seus efectes "colaterals"
Un home de negocis de Malaysia ha perdut el seu dit índex a mans dels lladres del seu cotxe, un Mercedes classe S equipat amb un flamant sistema de seguretat d'emprenta digital. Els impacients criminals, amb una mica més de tècnica i paciència, podrien haver burlat el sistema de seguretat, però van optar per la via més ràpida del matxet. Això planteja un important debat de fons sobre aquestes tècniques de seguretat, ja que no és qüestió de posar la integritat personal en perill.
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Although security systems of this sort are typically fitted to high end cars (..) they're not in essence particularly high tech or high security. (..) The fingerprint readers themselves (..) have a fairly broad tolerance (..)

(..) biometric technology is allegedly 'foolproof' (..). Get the secured object on its own for a little while and you can usually chop the security off fairly easily, but (..) impatient class of thief might just chop off your finger as a temporary measure.

Clearly we need to think carefully about how we see security here. (..)

But as the S-class Merc with security too irritating for the good of its owners health has shown, it's a lot more complicated than that. You don't want situations where a severed finger (or, would be kid-chippers should note) or arm can be used in unsupervised situations in their owner's absence. You could consider more sophisticated systems which used more complex biometrics and performed some form of check to make sure the owner was still attached and breathing, but even then you shouldn't view this as 100 per cent perfect.

If, for example, it's a case of ruthless gangsters trying to steal an extremely valuable motor car, then they'll quite probably take you along for a ride down to the bent auto shop they use, then kill you. (..)

The UK's Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) incidentally extolled the virtues of biometric security (..) while the Home Office hasn't put forward biometric credit card validation as an immediate gain for the ID card scheme, this is certainly on its roadmaps.

But they should consider the implications before they get into that kind of territory, and understand (..) the owner to be able to disable the security quickly and easily. (..)
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