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9 d'abril del 2005
El Cable i les TI de bracet cap a la 'convergència'
Aquesta setmana s’han vist estranys companys de llit al “National Cable Show”, la convenció anual de la indústria del cable dels EUA. On companyies de Cable i gurús de la tecnologia s’han conjurat per fer convergir la banda ampla i la televisió digital en una nova era de productes que liderin les forces de Hollywood, Silicon Valley i Wall Street.
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The cable industry wants consumers to use their cable service to record and time-shift TV programs, play online video games, call up video-on-demand, or VOD, content on a whim, access the internet and replace their old telephone company with voice over internet protocol, or VOIP, service.

(..) consumers may have trouble discerning between the different services. And that seems to be the point.

"We're going to see that the internet and television are really two sides of the same sheet of paper," (..)

Such talk of "convergence" has been bubbling for years (..) But (..) cable operators and tech companies are starting to project renewed confidence (..)

RealNetworks chairman and CEO Rob Glaser said he "would be foolish to not work in a collaborative way" with cable operators because they serve such a high percentage of broadband households. (..)


"I'm glad you're looking at us as a partner and not as an enemy," said Jim Robbins, president and CEO of Cox Communications, in comments directed at Glaser.

(..) other tech luminaries (..) included Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, (..) "We don't see ourselves on opposite sides," Yang told cable operators (..)

(..) executive vice president and chief creative officer at Electronic Arts, predicted that the typical consumer will pay an average of $150 per month for various internet services within the next 10 years (..)

Cable operators are banking much of their future on next-generation set-top boxes (..)

Brian Roberts, chairman and CEO of Comcast, the largest U.S. cable operator, predicted that 50 percent of all TV viewing will be time-shifted in the next five years, suggesting an explosion of DVR set-top boxes.


The growth of VOD and DVR features, however, also could force the cable industry to adopt new advertising models as increasing numbers of consumers skip over TV commercials.


"The problem is the creative people (..) approach to VOD. "We need to find a way to somehow get the creative people to use this beast."


(..) organizers devoted several panels to VOIP, suggesting increasing interest among cable operators.


"We're still waiting for the Steve Jobs of VOIP," (..)
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