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26 d'abril del 2005
L'usuari "sempre connectat" pateix disminucions d'intel·ligència
Segons un estudi fet per psicòlegs (encara no accessible al públic): l’ús regular de comunicacions electròniques pot disminuir temporalment el coeficient d’intel·ligència efectiu, fins a 10 punts. Més del doble del que ho fa el fumar marihuana. O com si haguéssim passat una nit en blanc. Aquest fenomen ha estat batejat com a “infomania”.
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(..) according to British researchers, who have labelled the fleeting phenomenon of enhanced stupidity as “infomania”.

Research on sleep deprivation suggests that the IQ drop caused by electronic obsession is also equivalent to a wakeful night.

(..) the study commissioned by Hewlett Packard, (..)

The noticeable drop in IQ is attributed to the constant distraction of “always on” technology (..). Infomania means that they lose concentration as their minds remain fixed in an almost permanent state of readiness to react to technology instead of focusing on the task in hand.

Workers lose productivity (..)

The brain also finds it hard to cope with juggling lots of tasks at once, reducing its overall effectiveness, it added. And while modern technology can have huge benefits, excessive use can be damaging not only to a person’s mind, but to their social life.

Eighty volunteers took part in clinical trials on IQ deterioration and 1,100 adults were interviewed.


Furthermore, infomania is having a negative effect on work colleagues, increasing stress and dissenting feelings. (..)


The report suggests that firms who give employees gadgets and devices to help them keep in touch from wherever they might be should also produce guidelines on use.

(..) “The research suggests that we are in danger of being caught up in a 24-hour ‘always on’ society.


  • More than 50 billion e-mails are despatched every day wordwide; (..)
  • The average number of e-mail messages received per person per day is 32. This is rising by 84 per cent each year
  • There are 440 million electronic mailboxes including 170 million corporate ones in use, growing by 32 per cent per year (..)
  • The average amount of texts per month is 37 per user compared to 21 in 2001 (..)

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