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27 d'abril del 2005
Google proposa publicitat a les cues RSS
L’empresa està provant una variació del seu programa per a editors de llocs web, AdSense, que permet mostrar la famosa "publicitat relacionada" també als continguts sindicats mitjançant l’estàndard RSS o Atom.
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Though it's one of the most promising emerging technologies (RSS), publishers have yet to find means of profiting from it. Advertising is widely thought to be the answer.

Companies including Kanoodle, Moreover Technologies and Yahoo are testing similar ad services for feeds.

Robert McLaws, publisher of a Microsoft-focused blog called Longhornblogs.com, is one of the first to experiment with the Google ads this week. He said the graphical ads, (..) are being fed into roughly 61 feeds of his blog.

Though he couldn't provide many details, by Google's request, he said the ads are in hypertext mark-up language using images and links. He and Google's team are still testing how best and how often to present the ads, but McLaws said the company is likely to introduce a public beta in the next two weeks.

"It will be a change for the better, but I hope people don't go crazy," McLaws said. "Simple, relevant text link ads in RSS are one thing. Flashing banner ads like 'Shoot Mario to win an iPod' are another thing."

Google spokesman Barry Schnitt confirmed the test, but would not provide further details.

A Yahoo, via Overture, ja fa un temps que s'ho plantegen:
Yahoo Readies Ads for RSS (07/10/2004):

Yahoo Inc. wants to join the advertising market for XML syndication feeds, a top company executive said (during a question-and-answer session at the Web 2.0 conference), raising the prospect for a greater adoption of sponsored links within news feeds. (..)

Rosensweig disclosed the RSS ad plans after being asked whether Yahoo's Overture Services division is working to extend its sponsored links to news feeds. (..)

So far, though, only smaller player Kanoodle Inc. has formally introduced an advertising program for RSS feeds, (..)

In August, Feedster, a blog and RSS search engine, added Kanoodle's text ads as posts to the RSS feeds it publishes. News-aggregation service Moreover Technologies Inc. a few weeks ago also included Kanoodle ads with its free RSS feeds of popular news categories.

Earlier this week, news search engine Topix.net Inc. began including its first advertising in its RSS feeds of search results. (..) "At Topix, we have gone from less than 1 percent to 20 percent of our story clicks coming from RSS feeds. Being able to monetize that could be critical to our network." (..)
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