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13 de maig del 2005
Les consoles de videojocs de nova generació pugen a l'escenari de l'E3
A mitjans de maig es celebra a Los Angeles l'Electronic Entertainment Expo, o E3, on es defineixen modes i d’alguna forma es fan apostes. A l’edició d’engany, del 16 al 20 de maig , les mirades de tot el sector es centraran en les noves consoles de videojocs dels tres actors principals: Microsoft, Sony i Nintendo. [actualitzat 18/5/2005]
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(..) "The major console makers are going to lay...the groundwork for the next generation, and all the developers and publishers are going to get, in some cases, their first looks at the new features," (..)

Microsoft will kick off the console frenzy several days before the start of E3 with a Thursday MTV special launching the Xbox 360. (..)

(..) but for all of the attention and fanfare, the game industry hasn't been able to grow (..) "Household penetration has remained in the same 40-to-45 percent range (..)"

The major players are aiming to build up the market and their stakes in the coming months, when the industry is expected to go through the cyclical transition that occurs roughly every five years when new consoles are introduced.


Getting their game on
"Our goal in the last generation was to be in the game," (..) Bill Gates said at a recent speech (..) "With three companies, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, we came out a very strong No. 2. What we got from that round, at some financial cost, was not only the opportunity to play again, but to play again with great credibility."

That financial cost amounts to losses of $1.2 billion a year since the launch of its game efforts in 2001. (..)

(..) Sony shipped about 5 million units, making up 42 percent of the market, while Microsoft shipped about 3.4 million for 28.3 percent in 2004. Nintendo shipped 2.5 million consoles for 21.2 percent of the market.


(..) analysts expect the market to be less lopsided in Sony's favor. Microsoft, which is expected to launch Xbox 360 by the holidays, has a slight advantage. Sony's PlayStation 3 is slated for an early 2006 launch and the release date of Nintendo's Revolution is still up in the air.

Will high def mean high impact?
(..) some predicting the Xbox 360 will topple the next-generation PlayStation from its top market share spot.

Ultimately, the quality of the titles available for the consoles will determine the devices' popularity, and Microsoft is betting that high-definition playback of games, (..) will appeal to a tech-savvy audience.

"The trend is more than just resolution," (..) "It's going to change the way people play games."

That change includes emulating the movie business, which sells merchandise related to blockbusters.

(..) the unified interface that will be used by all next-generation Xbox games. (..) to provide a central location for players to connect over the Internet and access music stored on the console. The interface also will serve as a gateway to a planned mini-transaction system that would enable players to buy small chunks of downloadable content, such as a sporty new car for a racing game or fashion accessories, such as tattoos, for a character.


Sony's new PlayStation will also have an HD element, as it uses the next-generation DVD format Blu-ray Disc, whose high capacity makes it an ideal storage medium for HD content. Double-sided versions of Blu-ray Discs will store up to 50GB of data.

Less is known about the Nintendo console, code-named Revolution, but executives have said it will focus more on being a gaming system and less as an entertainment hub like the PlayStation and Xbox. (..)

[llegir més a: Richard Shim (CNET News.com)]

La PlayStation 3 ja té forma: Sony spills PlayStation 3's guts
In a glitzy ceremony held at Sony's film studios here on Monday, the company released eagerly anticipated details of its upcoming PlayStation 3 and said the console would reach shelves in spring 2006.

I la Nintendo Revolution també. Presentada conjuntament amb la nova mini consola Game Boy Micro: Nintendo's big E3 surprise comes in little box
Nintendo, once the unrivaled king of the home video game business, released details of its planned new game console and unveiled a new mini-portable device called the Game Boy Micro.

As for the new Nintendo console, it's still known by its code name, "Revolution." It will be significantly smaller than its rivals', about the size of several stacked DVD cases, and will come in several as-yet-undetermined colors.

The Revolution will play DVDs, have built-in Wi-Fi and an SD memory card slot, and 512MB of flash memory. Executives said Nintendo would offer a free online gaming service, helping to accelerate the move of console gaming to the Net.
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