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13 de maig del 2005
Nokia per un estàndard de Televisió per mòbil
El gegant de la telefonia mòbil, Nokia, està revelant detalls de la seva tecnologia -oberta i estandarditzada- de transmissió digital de televisió, DVB-H. I pretén donar així un impuls a la jove industria de la TV per mòbil, que l’ajudi a vendre més terminals.
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Nokia (..) unveiled its version of a standardized method for delivering broadcast digital TV to handsets in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The standard, DVB-H, or Digital Video Broadcast-Handheld, competes with a host of other similar technologies, including Qualcomm's new MediaFlo. Companies supporting DVB-H say it's less expensive and allows a quicker product turnaround.

"We are emphasizing our commitment to open standards and interoperability as a means to enable positive market development," Nokia Vice President Richard Sharp said (..)

Aside from Nokia, DVB-H supporters include U.K. wireless operators O2 [O2 farà una prova d'emetre 16 canals de TV als seus mòbils]; multicast operator Crown Castle Mobile Media, which plans to build a mobile-TV network; cell phone infrastructure equipment provider UDcast; and a number of chipmakers including Texas Instruments and Intel.

Nokia's move supports the wireless industry's view that there's a sizable market for mobile-TV fare, including movies, news clips and standard programming typically found on living room TVs. If the market for the content is indeed robust, such a service could generate significant new revenue streams for wireless operators.

But so far, Verizon Wireless in the U.S. and other top-tier operators offering TV services are finding them a hard sell, (..)

Sectors harboring high hopes for the mobile-TV market do so because of television's dominance as an entertainment form and the ubiquity of cell phones. Informa concluded in a recent study that 125 million people--about 5 percent of all cell phone owners--will be watching TV on their handsets by 2010.
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