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19 de febrer del 2007
ChelseaTV, per YouTube!
El Chelsea FC, l’equip de l'homònim barri londinenc i el nou ric del futbol europeu, ha estat el primer club en llençar un canal audiovisual, sota la seva marca, integrat al portal per excel·lència dels vídeos online participatius, el YouTube. Contràriament a l’estratègia de confrontament que ha pres el Bayer de Munic, el club del magnat rus, Abràmovich, sembla haver seguit la màxima del “si no el pots vèncer alia-t’hi”.
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In November the FA Premier League ordered YouTube to pull down pirated clips of top-flight matches (..)

From next season online rights for Premiership footage will be owned by NTL, the cable group, (..)

A Chelsea spokesman said no money was yet involved in the tie-up, but that Chelsea was seeking to "access a new community". He added that Chelsea could consider adding avertising in the future.

YouTube launched its "branded channel" business last year in an effort to reap advertising revenues from the 100 million video downloads it delivers a day. Warner Music Group was the first to roll out one of the dedicated channels, with a campaign to promote Paris Hilton's music career in August.


YouTube regards sports fans as a key target market. In the US this month, amateur videos from the site were aired by CBS, the broadcaster, during its coverage of the Super Bowl.


Last year Google, which acquired YouTube (..), ran the joga.com website in conjunction with Nike, (..)

One part of the site allowed users to submit videos of themselves playing "keepy-uppy" — when they passed the ball off-screen, the video would cut to footage of one of the stars from the tournament, who would appear to join in the game.

Content for the Chelsea-YouTube venture will be produced by Chelsea Digital Media, a joint venture between Chelsea and BSkyB, the pay-TV broadcaster (..)

La pàgina web del ChealseTV al YouTube, dóna una calurosa benvinguda als seus fans mentre fa una crida a la seva participació:
Calling Chelsea fans all over the world!
Welcome to the official Chelsea FC page on Youtube! Send your clips and show us how much of a True Blue you really are and if we like them, they will be featured here on our page! Whether its you singing your favourite Chelsea song or showing off your skills you can send them in by using the contact box on the left.
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