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1 de març del 2007
Adobe portarà el Photoshop a Internet
Amb l’esperança de seguir l’estela, i alhora protegir-se, de Google i d’altres competidors, Adobe Systems planeja llençar en tres o sis mesos una versió a Internet del seu popular editor d’imatges, Photoshop.
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Aquesta nova versió "reduïda" (i gratuïta) del seu producte estrella, que serà un punt d'entrada als seus aplicatius més sofisticats, forma part d’una estratègia de l’empresa per tal d’introduir serveis prestats per Internet que complementin els seus aplicatius tradicionals, i que els permetin dirigir-se millor al mercat de consum.

Tal com és d'esperar en aquests casos, pretenen obtenir els ingressos de la publicitat.

El mateix CEO d'Adobe reconeix que aquest moviment s'ha dut a terme per evitar que empreses com Google puguin atacar des d'Internet el seu segment de mercat. Tal com ja està fent actualment l'àgil empresa d'Internet, amb l'Office de Microsoft.

"We recognize there is a customer there--we recognize they are not going to pay us, necessarily, directly. But we could use ad revenue as a model. Google has demonstrated that it works pretty well for certain types of applications,"

(..) Adobe laid the foundation for a hosted Photoshop product with Adobe Remix, a Web-based video-editing tool it offers through the PhotoBucket media-sharing site.


Like Microsoft, Adobe's business is built largely around packaged software, installed locally on users' PCs. Likewise, Adobe's plans to diversify its business with online services mirrors a large-scale effort at Microsoft to introduce a combination of software and services.


The company intends to offer entirely hosted applications, as well as "hybrids," in which Adobe uses the Web to introduce features to desktop products (..)


The latest version of Google's Picasa, which is a desktop application, introduces features to post photos on the Web. It also allows people to read Photoshop files, O'Kelly noted.

Showdown with Picasa?
(..) although hosted Photoshop is meant to be a low-end product, the company intends to ensure that it is of a higher quality than free alternatives. (..)

"You don't want (network) latency to be an issue for the user, so it's harder, in some ways, than a video Remix product," he said. "Even though bandwidth is increasing, the pipes are getting filled with video, so the user experience will likely stay the same for the next three to five years."


"If we offered a host-based version of Photoshop that's Photoshop-branded (and is) potentially better than Picasa, you'd probably go the Photoshop route because of your belief in the Photoshop brand and the quality associated with the brand," Chizen said.


Its deal with PhotoBucket around Adobe Remix is not exclusive. The partnership arrangement allows Adobe to share advertising dollars without having to invest in the computing infrastructure and people to operate the Web site, he said.

But revenues from Web ads could potentially justify an Adobe investment in offering hosted services directly, Chizen said. "Once we see that it could be a significant revenue producer, then maybe we'll want to deal with it," he said.

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